Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jacks weekend at the hospital

Oh how it feels so good to be home! I think that we have had the longest weekend of our lives.
It started on Sunday, we were getting ready to leave for church when Jack started breathing funny. As the minutes passed by he seemed to be getting worse so we made the decision to skip church and head for the nearest Doc In the Box open on Sundays. Once we got there they gave him a breathing treatment and still could not get his oxygen levels up so they sent us the emergency room. After a couple of hours at the e.r. they still couldn’t get an improvement in his levels so they took us by ambulance to another hospital where Jack’s primary doctor met us. Poor little guy he was so scared the entire weekend but he held in there!! The worst part if his hospital stay was that we were in an isolation room so every time someone came into the room they had to put a mask, gloves and suit on. I swear, Jack is forever traumatized by the color yellow. So after a 24 hours of oxygen, multiple deep suctioning of his nose, gross food, and little sleep we are now safe and sound at home!
Everyone is home and doing better. Sorry for the brief update but I need to go and take care of some sick babies!!