Friday, February 29, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My big mouth!

It was a seemingly innocent night of scrapbooking at the local store when all of a sudden out of nowhere the other ladies in the room started talking about how cute their kids are. Ok, maybe not out of nowhere, I guess that it is pretty normal to comment on pictures as you are looking at them. But really, that’s not the point. I being the eavesdropper that I am starting listening right away and trying to peek at pictures of these wonder kids. Could they really be a cute as these ladies are saying? Am I about to have glimpse at the most beautiful babies in the world?? Nope, not even CLOSE!!
I might have been able to leave it alone but as the ladies we walking out they looking down at the table that I was sitting at and commented about how they, yep, had the best looking kids in the world. I couldn’t just sit there and take it. I had to inform these ladies how wrong they were. I truly believe that I have the BEST looking babies in the world. Not only are they beautiful but the are smartest, kindest and the funniest babies in the world but Jackson can already read books in Chinese. (Well, maybe he is not “reading” but he sure is looking and I am confident that he is well on his way to being tri-lingual). So I said it. I interrupted them and told them how wonderful my babies are. Not only did I go on and on about how cute my babies are but I said the unsayable did the unthinkable. Yes, of course I had to take it to the next level. I proudly announced to the whole room, “My babies are WAY cuter than yours”.
So this weekend I joined the ranks of nutty moms everywhere. Thank you for opening your arms and accepting me into your bitchy moms club. I have become on of those people  This is not entirely my fault that I have become like this. For over a year everywhere I go people stop me and comment how absolutely gorgeous Jackson is. (I may be exaggerating a bit…) So I cannot entirely help what I have done. The public has done this to me! I must say that I have gotten better. When people would comment how cute Jack was I would say. “I know, isn’t he?” In my head it is perfectly normal for me to say this. I had nothing to do with his genetics (Thank you beautiful O’Sullivan family!!). I think that parents of adopted babies have every right to brag but that is another blog. I have learned to somewhat edit what is about to come out of my mouth.

A disclaimer
I am sorry to all of my friends out there and thankful that you have stuck with me during this time. I DO think that you babies are perfect too. I have friends with gorgeous babies and I am sure that when I am going on and on about how sexy my boys are they want to strangle me. So thank you for putting up with me!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A great week

So, it has been a pretty good past week and everyone seems to be doing very well.
I finally found a jogging stroller that I can live with. We took it out yesterday for a test run in the dog park, I was pretty impressed. The regular double stroller that I have is heavy and bulky but the jogging stroller is so light and easy to push. Why a jogging stroller?? Yes, there is a secret that I will let you in on. Allison and I want to be marathon runners, hmmm, maybe mini marathon runners at first. We are thinking something like a 5K. Watch out Katie Holmes and Oprah we may pass you at the next New York Marathon. Our goal is to do Robbie Creek next year. I am not a runner by nature so I am doing everything in my power to look like a runner. I love shopping so this is the first logical step in my current goal. I know that you may be thinking that the first step should be a jog or a trip to the gym but I like to do things my way. So I may have things backwards but I am happy! Next step, a great pair of running shoes!!

Big new in our lives, Alex is smiling. Not just tiny baby gas grins but whole face scrunching smiles. I love it. First smiles are really one of the big rewards we get as parents. I treasure these first smiles! I tried to get a picture as evidence for all of you but everytime I pull the camera out he stops. These past 7 weeks have flown by!

Jackson is now starting to talk. Watch out world here he comes! I think that he may be a chatter box once he really gets going. His favorite word, thanks to Marianne, is "cracker". He amazed and entertained everyone in the doctor’s office with his ability to point and say cracker at everyone. It all started with a little kid crying and his mom pulled out a saltine and asked him if she wanted a cracker. Jack whipped his head around, pointed and with a huge smiled yelled, "Cracker, cracker, cracker". Everyone was laughing at him so he really turned on the charm and started flirting. I love this guy!!

That all for now. I am off to start my mommy jogger day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome to my world!!

Wahoo, I did it!! I actually started my very first bloggy blog! I know, I know it’s been along time coming. I guess that it just takes me a little longer to jump on certain bandwagons...
Hopefully this will be a way to keep in touch with out of state/country family and friends. Apparently I have been horrible with keeping in touch with everyone so now every time you want a little time with the Williams family you can just jump online!!