Thursday, March 31, 2011

Longest week ever!

Poor sweet Jackamoe has had one heck of a week. We have been admitted to 2 hospitals countless breathing treatments, may injections, 3 epi pens drained and a not so fun ambulance ride. I wish that we could say what is triggering his asthma but the Dr's are stumped and they are suspecting, as they have for awhile, that there is some underlying condition with him :(. Next week we are praying to get more answers as we start pretty aggressive testing, some of it being new to the area and Jack might be one of the first kiddos to have certain tests.
It goes without saying that I am exhausted which has caused a flare up of my Lupus. No sleep and stress are too major trigger. Yucko!!
Scott has been such a blessing through this entire process. He offered many times to stay at the hospital with Jack, stayed home to take care of our mini suburban farm, and even packed me a perfect overnight bag. He really is my rock and I am still so amazed to be married to such a wonderful man.
On an exciting note we are adding a new member to our family in 10 days. I am fianlly getting my long awaited dream horse! To say that I am excited wouldbe an understatement. I will post more about him later!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

too smart

Alex did great in his 2 weeks of trial in preschool, too great to be exact. He did so good there that he tested out of the program! Even though he qualified for assistance in social areas they could not justify letting him into the preschool on that alone. Somehow (??) he passed speech and language with flying colors so it that leaves us with our private insurance. Sooo... now we wait for an opening at the therapy center, here is where we could use your prayers. There is a wait list of at least 8 months!
In the meantime we will enjoy spring and all that it brings. I cannot help but to love this time of year.