Thursday, November 5, 2009

For Tarah...

Tarah has been on me about updating my blog. So here I go.
How do some of you do it? Work, parent and blog? Am I a total slacker? Or are you all just saints?
I wish that I could call myself a slacker but I am not. I have been working 30-40 hour work weeks these past couple months. For those blogerville friends who I don't know in real life, I am a dog trainer and own my own business. At first I thought that training dogs would be a good part time job to have while starting a family. I traveled 2000 miles away from home and spent almost 3 months of my life mentoring. It rocked, it sucked. It was the first time that Scott and I had been apart and I hated my life. In the end I came back and started my own business and started planning a family. Where was I going with this.. Oh yeah, working. So kiddos come, I work and find myself working full time. I actually have a wait list of clients. Its nuts and sometimes very overwhelming but I am blessed. The kiddos have been in daycare while I work which is something that I never wanted to do but they seemed to love it. Until the other day ( I swear, I am getting at something )
I found out that my kiddos have been being spanked!! We are a non spanking family for reasons that I will blog about some other time. This is the second time this has happened at this daycare and needless to say the last. I pulled my kiddos, changed my work schedule, and have cut my schedule down to part time. So, what would you do if someone spanked your kids? Honestly, I am red zone mad and have not said anything to the lady about this yet. When I talk about the incident I still cannot think straight. I need your advise and prayers for clarity in this situation. Am I over/under reacting? How does your family feel about spanking?