Sunday, November 28, 2010

fun times ahead

Wowza!! Where has this month gone? I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas. For some reason, I am way more excited this year then any other year. I have broke out some of the decorations, blasted Neil Diamond Christmas music and Scott even put up some of the lights without me begging. The boys are at the age where they are starting to "get it" and I LOVE it. I think the best part is that Jack realizes that the season is not about gifts but about Christ. We are trying to emphasized gifts for his birthday and Jesus for Christmas.
As far as the adoption process goes, we are still chugging along. The only thing keeping me going is hearing the good news of referrals of our friends. It seems like everyone is getting multiples. Hmmm, I wonder if two kiddos are in our future too?!?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Operation Pink Shoe

I am so thankful for the change in seasons. With it has brought big changes in our family. I had no idea ( this would be a whole other post ) but I was surprised to find out that we have been on the infant adoption list for 6 months. So,I guess operation pink shoe is in full swing. I really had no idea that our home study had been completed and turned in. With this new knowledge has brought fear, panic, and excitement. I am mainly scared about the fiances. We really do not have an additional 15 (ish) grand laying around. If we got the call tomorrow, we would have to decline the referral.
I guess God , really did have a plan when I keep getting extra hours at work, any extra shift money has gone into the adoption fund. How do some of you adopt multiple kids?? Is everyone using grants and loans?
On another note, I was planning a mission trip to Africa that just may need to come to a halt or at least be postponed for now. Hmm... what to do. What to do?
If anyone has any fundraising ideas let me know!