Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh my goodness, when will it end?

This was one of the longest weekends of my entire life. Seriously, I am counting the SECONDS until the doctors office open so I can call for an appointment. Jack seems to be feeling ok as long as we give him a breathing treatment every 3 hours. No longer than that. Yes, every 3 hours around the clock. Thankfully super Scotty-So-Hotty has been the overnight breathing treatment guy and I have been the rock you back to sleep for the millionth time during the night gal. Team work my friends, team work. 1 hour and 21 minutes until the office opens...
Good news! Alex pulled himself up into sitting position from his tummy this weekend. He crawls over to a toy or the ledge and pulls himself up. This is a big accomplishment for a low muscle tone baby. He is still having problems with keeping solid foods down and with his speech but everything else with the development seems to be on schedule. I think that the therapist comes on Tuesday this week and if I remember correctly he will have a speech eval.
Peace out Bloggerville, I am off to a fun filled day!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Not again

Poor Jack is having another asthma attack that landed us in the er last night. I feel so bad for the little man, this really is the worst feeling in the world. I wish that I could tell him that it will be alright and not to be scared, and that this asthma thing will end soon. But I can't because it won't. We are giving him breathing treatments every2-3 hours, an oral and an inhaled steroid. When he breathing gets shallow he panics and starts to cry and when he crys it gets worse. It is this vicious cycle of not being able to get in enough air. Here is a picture of Jack playing with my cellphone. I guess that he is never too sick to chat on the phone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Belly Dancing

We took the boys to Hyde Park Street Fair and watched the bellydancers. Funny stuff. My hair dresser is one of the girls and I have to give her props! There is NO WAY that I could/would ever be a bellydancer. First of all I just can't move like that and secondly I would not be caught dead in one of those outfits. I mean even if I had the body of post mental case Brintney Spears I still would not wear those tiny coin skirts. I am the girl who gets dressed in the stall in the locker rooms and if I could wear sweats to the pool I totally would! Anyway, Jamie did a great job and the boys were really into the dancers. They were clapping and laughing the entire time!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friends Forever!

How cute is this photo? Yesterday at the playdate we took the kiddos for a nature walk. I am not sure sure how, but we got them all to sit down for a photo! So stinking cute!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Funny stuff

I thought that this was pretty funny!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doctor help!!

Help please! For some time now Scott and I have not been happy with some of the issues that we have had with our pediatricians office. First of all the front office staff is awful! When you walk in they never look up and getting them to smile would be like winning the lottery. The nurses seem great, which is something that we love. The doctor is our main concern. She seems scatterbrained, at best. An example is that when she sent us to the hospital a couple weeks ago she did not call in orders for us and when we got there they did not know what to do with us. The nurses ordered lab work and a chest xray. The doctor never even gave us the results of these. Any sort of follow up seems like a major deal.
Now, I know that we are not the only patients that she has but she sees us often enough that she should remember who we are and the challenges that we are dealing with. She always makes me feel rushed and like I am asking too many questions. What I need help with is that I am in he process of meeting new doctors and I am not sure of the questions to ask. Also what are the things that you like about your child's doctors office? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you live in the ares who do you use?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008