Monday, February 18, 2008

A great week

So, it has been a pretty good past week and everyone seems to be doing very well.
I finally found a jogging stroller that I can live with. We took it out yesterday for a test run in the dog park, I was pretty impressed. The regular double stroller that I have is heavy and bulky but the jogging stroller is so light and easy to push. Why a jogging stroller?? Yes, there is a secret that I will let you in on. Allison and I want to be marathon runners, hmmm, maybe mini marathon runners at first. We are thinking something like a 5K. Watch out Katie Holmes and Oprah we may pass you at the next New York Marathon. Our goal is to do Robbie Creek next year. I am not a runner by nature so I am doing everything in my power to look like a runner. I love shopping so this is the first logical step in my current goal. I know that you may be thinking that the first step should be a jog or a trip to the gym but I like to do things my way. So I may have things backwards but I am happy! Next step, a great pair of running shoes!!

Big new in our lives, Alex is smiling. Not just tiny baby gas grins but whole face scrunching smiles. I love it. First smiles are really one of the big rewards we get as parents. I treasure these first smiles! I tried to get a picture as evidence for all of you but everytime I pull the camera out he stops. These past 7 weeks have flown by!

Jackson is now starting to talk. Watch out world here he comes! I think that he may be a chatter box once he really gets going. His favorite word, thanks to Marianne, is "cracker". He amazed and entertained everyone in the doctor’s office with his ability to point and say cracker at everyone. It all started with a little kid crying and his mom pulled out a saltine and asked him if she wanted a cracker. Jack whipped his head around, pointed and with a huge smiled yelled, "Cracker, cracker, cracker". Everyone was laughing at him so he really turned on the charm and started flirting. I love this guy!!

That all for now. I am off to start my mommy jogger day!


Jan said...

As Mandy would say OMG! You sound just like her. She, too, wanted to run a marathon. And she, too, bought a jogging stroller. It's that whole "I love to shop thing." It must be genetic although I'm pretty sure it skipped your parents' generation.

Glad you have a blog.


Aunt Jan

Brownie said...

Love love love the blog. Love & miss you!

The original 'cracker'