Monday, June 9, 2008

June is here!

Wahoo, June is here and oh boy has it been busy! We started out the month (well the end of the month!!) with a wonderful visit from Scotts parents. It was a short but fun visit. It was the first time that they have seen the baby so we were very excited to show him off. After they left I had my first dog show of the year and did very well. I was afraid that Bailey and I were too rusty to compete for a new title but not only did we do well, we placed 3rd twice and 4th once. It is hard to tell in the picture but it was very cold and rainy outside and my shoes were soaking wet.
Scotts birthday was the 2nd and I made him a cake from scratch. No that is not a typo, you are not reading someone else’s blog, I really did make a cake from scratch. It turned out super yummy and Scott loved it . He better, it was very hard to make. Back to the bakery for me for the next birthdays!!
My team pretty girlfriends and I went out for a big night, the Sex and the City movie premiere. A limo ( the driver looks like Rod Stewart and is the brother to Kevin Spacey) picked us up. It was AWESOME!! He took us back to Brits house for take out and Cosmos and then dropped us off at the movie. It truly was one of the most fun nights of my life!!
The boys are doing well. Jack is getting taller and Alex is almost sitting up, they finally are interacting with each other and it just melts my heart. They both change so much everyday!


McMommy said...

Whoa!! I seriously thought that was a Rod Stewart impersonator!! You mean to tell me...he just HAPPENS to look like Rod?? hee hee! That is great!

Don't you agree that the Sex & the City movie was good...but being out with your girlfriends was the best part of the evening??

LINDA said...

Thanks for coming 'out' to me!!!
I am happy to know one of my masked visitors!!
The hair--has lightened up, hasn't it? My daughter bleached hers out for years to only get dark roots. Now she dyes it dark only to get lighter roots. Never ending.....
Your boys are adorable. Glad that Jack-one of my fav names- is doing better and that Alex is a doll, for true!
Come back anytime!

Tarah said...

I love it. :) What a great girls night.

sara said...

Of course, I saw the pic before I read the text and I thought it WAS Rod Stewart!! Celebrity enough though, being a Spacey!! How Cool! I love girls nights!

Lady Blognanimous said...

That dude does totally look like RS. Ha

Chatter said...

The picture is hilarious!! Sounds like a lot of fun! Hey, we almost named our new babe Jack but went with Landon. Your kiddos are adorable!