Monday, July 28, 2008

20 something craziness

Bye bye 20’s, hello 30’s. This is my last week of being a 20 something and it is kind of getting to me. I mean 30 is an ADULT. When did I become an adult? College? Nope! Living on my own? Nope. Getting married to Scotty so hotty? Nope. Buying a house, having kids, owing my own business?? Nope, nope nope… I think that 30 is the magical adult number and I will wake up on Saturday, put on my Spanx and high waist mom jeans, socks with open toed sandals and start my first official day as an adult. Hmmm, where does one get high waist pants??
I watched a show about adoption this morning and it made me cry. What you don’t know Bloggerville peeps is that I am not a crier. (During the movie Titanic I actually giggled) I sometimes forget that our adoption is not the normal situation and there are so many birth families out there that have no idea how their baby is doing. I cried because it hit me again of how blessed we are to have such a perfect adoption story. To so many the term “open adoption” is accompanied with fear and apprehension. I wish that I could talk to everyone of those families and tell them our story; it truly is a beautiful story. We have so much more than an open adoption, we have extended family. Ashley is such an amazing part of our lives and I am so thankful to have her around on so many levels. I hope that she knows that Jack was the most amazing gift and we are so proud that she allowed us to become his parents. She could have chosen anyone in the world and she picked us! How did we ever get so lucky?? Hopefully we will raise him to be a man that she too can be proud of. I love that we can share our love with her and her family! If any of you have questions about if adoption please feel free to ask us. There are not a lot of families with our situation and we could help in anyway we would love to!
Peace out Bloggerville, I am off to Google my new wardrobe. I mean I really want to look the part of a 30 year old! Alison you are so next!!!


Tonya said...

Okay, so I will turn 36 on Monday. Yikes, all too quickly approaching late 30s. Are you saying that your playgroup momma friends are all out of fashion? Hope to see you and the boys soon! : )

Zandy said... I will be 40 in three years and I totally would love to be turning 30 again! And, I don't wear Mom jeans either!!!! No front butt for me! I Love you!