Friday, August 29, 2008

So long hospital

Jack is now out of the hospital! Goodness gracious, what a super long week it has been! Thank you so much for everyone who called and emailed us. Your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated. The tentative diagnosis is asthma with unknown triggers. Poor little muffin man is on breathing treatments every 4 hours with the last one before bed having an added steroid as well as oral prednisone in the morning. The doctor also gave us an inhaler to use with him because we may not always be near an outlet for the nebulizer. Wow, no one told me how much fun a toddler on steroids is!!
Here is a picture of Jack eating a popsicle at the hospital! How cute is he?? He did learn some new words this past week, “T.V.” and “Wiggles”. Thanks hospital staff for spoiling our child. Yes, were really are those parents who have been putting off fun luxury items such as ice cream and T.V. for our active toddler!! Oh well, at least he is feeling better.
Now if we can stay hospital free this next month I would be in heaven. When the paramedics brought us in the nurses were so excited to see Jack again that they were all in the room to get him checked in and bringing him gifts of candy and stuffed animals! So cute!! Needless to say it was a bit strange to have so many people recognize us from our past visits.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea ~

I know I have no medical training and the those who do said the asthma had unknown triggers. But do you think, just maybe, it could be caused by kissing yaks? Just a thought. Sometime I'll tell you about Joe and Christmas trees and indoor cats and, oops, allergies. And Mandy's exercise induce asthma.

Love you all,

Auntie Jan

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Oh honey, been there, done that! Kyler was diagnosed with Reactive Airway (Asthma) when he was 7 months. We currently use an aerochamber and Flovent twice a day. We have done allergy testing and came up with nothing. We aren't sure what his triggers are, we just keep using the meds and it seems to be working. When Jack gets a little older you might ask about the aerochamber. It is soooo much better then the nebulizer! Let me know if you have any questions about asthma meds or anything. We have been there, done that!