Monday, April 20, 2009

Green thumb?!?

So, I started a garden. I have actually never had a garden so this should be interesting!! I started seeds inside on St. Patricks day and today was the big day to move the broccoli, mixed hot peppers and lettuce outside. I took pictures and even though there is really nothing to show, I will post them soon. My goal is to produce enough to be able to donate, freeze and can some veggis. Wish me luck!!
What does that mean to have a green thumb? All I know is that I had a brown soil/compost thumb today.
We had all been sick in the Williams household and I am praying that we all feel better soon. Alex and I have a cold and poor Jack is having a rough time with his asthma. I think that everything blooming is driving his allergies crazy!!

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Tarah said...

I am so excited to see your garden. I love gardening, and I know you will to.

Where do you donate your food?