Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is here, kinda

It snowed here today!!! Where the heck is spring?? So, much has been happening around the Wiliams mini farm. I type this from my bed ridden, royal wedding watching, narcotic state.
Monday I had a much unexpected but much needed hysterectomy. I have always known that I have problems with my uterus and ovaries so I guess it was just my time to get them out. Needless to say I am still in a bit of pain but am doing better than I expected. The worst part is not being able to pick up the boys. I miss tossing them around and playing outside with them!
We are still waiting to hear the results of Jacks allergy testing. We do know that he is super allergic to many foods and environmental items but we still are not clear what is causing him to go into anaphylaxis so often. i get so nervous taking him anywhere new because I don't know what is going to set him off.
Alexis is on a new medication that is making him so tired. The big question is it working?? We think so, but we are not sure. Autism is such a funny thing and we are still so early in his diagnosis. What we do know is early intervention works and it is apparently hard to get your foot in the door even with a diagnosis and insurance. What do people even do??? Where do we begin?? My heart breaks for all of the families that are in a similar situation because it is very frustrating!

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