Sunday, June 5, 2011

Start of Summer

So far things are staring off slow around here, which is good! We will be getting a call any day letting us know when we will be taking Jack to a children hospital in Denver for specialized testing for his allergies and asthma. We will be there for at lest one week, maybe two. As soon as we get the call we have about a 7-10 days to get there. Of course we are excited to get to the bottom of all of his challenges but... my dearest childhood friend moved back into town a couple years ago and is now prego with her 3rd and final baby and I just know that I am going to miss it. To say that I am heartbroken about it would be an understatement.
As far as things are going with Alex we are still on wait list after wait list. Who knows when we will actually get into anywhere!
For now we will enjoy the cool weather and fun time we are having together!


Alison said...

Not miss - maybe just be a little late :)

Learning To Abandon said...

What sweet pictures of your little man! Hoping with you that those wait lists diminish soon!