Wednesday, December 28, 2011

humble pie

Once again I have neglected this poor blog. I guess I just thought that I had nothing to write about after our adoption fell through. I will be super honest, because that is how I roll, I am still grieving the loss of the daughter that I will never parent. I had so many plans for Z and I. So, so,so many beautiful, wonderful plans. I will air out all of my dirty laundry and let you know that I have a small space in the extra closet that has sweet little size 7 clothes for her. I can picture her in every outfit,what the heck am I doing??? I think I am holding on to a miracle that she is alive and well and is ready and available for adoption. :)

I do have something to write life is a comedy show (amd I LOVE it!).
We have one 5 yr old son who is knocking at deaths door with severe asthma and allergies, his barely younger brother is living a fun life somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. I live day to day with Lupus, which has recently caused me to make some major changes in my life. As far as the Scotty so Hotty, head of house, he is doing great and is the silly string keeping us together.
So there you have it. Our lovely family.


Football and Fried Rice said...

Well, I am certainly glad that you are finding some joy in life. I'm sorry to hear about "Z".....I can only imagine the grief you are going through.

Blessings for a fresh start in 2011!

Alison said...

I will love you and your crazy no matter how crazy you get; I think it just makes you even better. Liked aged wine.