Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lets play a game called "mind ya"

Mind your own business... Seriously!!
I was at the mall today even though I am suffering from the flu. Yuck, I will spare you the details. Mind you this is the ONLY day that I have to get this shopping done and the second attempt at it. The first attempt ended with two screaming babies who were actually fighting with each other and one mommy who was ready to get home for a tall glass of wine.
So, I was minding my own business at the food court with a bag of McDonalds. Let me first say that we NEVER eat fast food and this was a rare treat for all of us. Trust me, I am the crazy organic, sugar/wheat/gluten free mommy but today was special. As we were eating I noticed two ladies with their kids sit down next to us to eat. They both gave me the once over and then turned and started whispering to each other. Hmm... were they talking about me? My kids? I thought maybe they were just jealous of my super hot mommminess and my gorgeous kiddos, but no. They were questioning my food choices. As we were leaving one of the mommies actually said to me,"You may want to think about feeding your kids healthier food or they will grown up to be fat". And then she giggled to the other mommy. Really?. Who does that? Maybe if I knew the ladies I would of thought that they were being helpful but no, they were being bitchy. Needless to say I was shocked and annoyed, I mean they did have the apples and not the fries. Geez, who's kid has never eaten McDonalds?
As I was leaving I noticed the bitchy mommy had her 5 year old on a leash with a binkie who was eating ice cream. Really? I want to take parenting advice from her???


Angela said...

I am continually shocked by how people treat one another. Especially people's behavior with strangers.

Why people feel they have a right or even feel the need to speak to someone like that is beyond me.

I'm sorry you were the target of ignorance.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Jaw dropped open :0 Seriously that is the most out of line thing I have heard!
A good comeback (because I always seem to have a comeback after the fact):
"And maybe you should think of the way you treat other people; unless you want your kids to grow up to be jerks"

Carrie said...

I would have come back with, "Oh, I'm sorry...are these YOUR children? Silly me, I thought they were mine." And then I would have stared her down until she left. The irish lass in me doesn't take kindly to bi**hes, can you tell? :^)

Alison said...

Wow. I have heard some dumb a** s**t in my day, but that takes some cake. Several of them....

Who is it that thinks its okay to talk to others that way? When society lose the sense of general courtesy or even "you get what's coming to you" and people who say such things will have it bite them. $20 says her kids are fat when they grow up!

Stephanie said...

I think my sister-in-law and I are planning for the Friday before Thanksgiving weekend to go to Archivers. Did you have fun? I hope you get over the flu my family just got over the same junk!

Paula said...

That is downright rude. Just take the higher road and say "Bless her Lord" :)

Chelle said...

I find it ridiculous that people can't mind their own business.

Especially when they aren't being a "perfect" mom themselves!

So sorry you had to deal with that...ugh!

Mary said...

I, too, am shocked at such outright disrespect and rudeness. I hate it when people think they can tell you how to raise your children, especially strangers. And people seem to think that just McDonald's causes fat kids. Sorry, but no. In fact, most all fast food is not healthy for you. And talk about hypocrite, allowing her child to eat ice cream. At least your kids were getting more than one food group with their meal.

Bummer you had to be subject to such unnecessary blatancy and rudeness.

I hope that you're feeling better.

Jill said...

Are you serious??? Someone actually said that to you? I really am SHOCKED. How rude. Unfortunately I am one of those people who would have had a good comeback 2 days later. Isn't amazing how rude people have gotten?

Tarah said...

Oh my goodness!!! I would have unleashed on them!

You should tell them that children on a leash never learn to listen to their parents. I would rather a chubby, but obedient happy child. :)

Meredith said...

My hat goes off to you girl........You were a much better person than I would have been!! I will admit I probably would have had it out with her and said a few choice words along the way. I then probably would be calling someone from jail at that point! I feel sorry for her that she felt it was okay to say that to someone whom she doesn't know. She obvoiously doesn't have a life and has nothing better to do with her time. Furthermore she apparently is a very unhappy individual so she must feel the need to take out her anger on others. So she MUST have been jealous, since she saw you having a nice time with your kids. Hope your feeling better soon!

sara said...

Just the laugh I needed this morning as I snorted my coffee through my nose!!??? SERIOUSLY!?!?! I am slightly ashamed to admit that on a GOOD week, my kids get fast food at least twice. Of course, during the chaos of moving - we have seen the Holden Arches more than I'd care to admit!! it isn't the food that will make them fat, it is the harness that doesn't allow them to RUN!!!!

I like Carrie's comment, "Did I miss how these children were somehow your concern?"

And THEY were eating in a mall food court???


amanda said...

oh that is just awful!!

isn't it sad that just when you think you have left junior high behind you, you run into it at the mall??

seriously. that really is just sad.

next time you have full permission to throw your apples at them :)

Carla said...

I can't believe they had the conscience to say those things!

BTW your sons are darling!