Friday, November 7, 2008

Airplane help!

Hello bloggerville buddies!! We are getting ready to leave next week for a super fun plane ride to Texas. Anyone have any tips on how to travel with a 23 month old and a 10 month old. I am already thinking lots of red wine and prayer!


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Texas is awesome right now--low 70s and sunny in Dallas.

I always bring crayons and books. You could play movies on your laptop.

Have a safe trip!

Alison said...

1. movies
2. tootsie pops, the mini ones
3. those doodle pad things, the ones they draw on and wipe clean (pencil is attached, can't lose shit on the plane, no fighting over colors)
4. lots of snacks
5. lots of books
6. a few trucks/trains or other such things they can smash and have fun with

That is what we typical fly with. But Ben loves to fly and there is only one of him =)

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Lots of sugar free suckers! And wet wipes. They are messy, but tend to entertain for quite awhile.

Don't forget that portable DVD player. Baby is to little, but Jack might watch them. When Kyler was that age and we flew he loved the Little People DVDs. I hated them, but he was entertained!

Lots of fun, entertaining books might help too. I always buy the kids one new toy or movie each so that it's something cool just for the trip. I don't pull that out until I absolutely have too!

Good luck friend. I am sure that everything will go great.

Erin said...

We just got back tonight from Disneyland. I suggest.....drinking! Torin is a handfull anyway but he was pretty good on the plane. I bought little plastic toys that he'd never seen before and couldn't choke on.(animals and lizards) They were cheap do I didn't care if we lost them. (we did) He started losing it about from 15 minutes from Boise so I gave him a sucker. He was a mess but it worked. Good luck!

Chatter said...

If you have a carrier (or two) I would DEFINITELY carry both boys on your backs (if hubby is going too). This prevents them from thinking they need to run wild. And it keeps your hands free.

Snacks - obviously

A carry-on bag with just the necessities and check the rest. The less you have to haul through the airport the better.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey we have a GREAT travel/ diaper bag that I use when I travel alone with the kiddos - it has a spot for everything (Diapers, snacks, sippy cups, bottles, cell phone, your stuff, etc.) you are more than welcome to use it. oh and it fits under the seat so no standing up to get in the overhead bin!! call or email me - Tarah has my info if you need it. Since we live so close I would be happy to drop it by if you want to check it out! Really it has saved me when I'm on my own! Nicky (Ella, Anders & Sara)

Tarah said...

coloring crayons, suckers for take off and landing (ears) and something new to play with.

Good luck. Last time we flew with everyone, I squirted breast milk on people! ha. have fun!

Anonymous said...

LOTS of diapers, LOTS of wipes (when I only had 1 child I was delayed in an airport for 5 hours and ran out of diapers in my carryon!) If your babies have EVER been known to spit up, throw up, motion sick or whatever, bring an extra shirt/pants for yourself and hubby. Yes it makes your carry on more of a pain, but as someone that has had to sit in a puke filled shirt - it sure is nice to have an extra!
All the other ideas here I totally agree with - my top 3
1) Snacks (Candy too!)
2) laptop or dvd
3) $1 store stuff (toys) that you don't pull out until you NEED to.
4) Valium for you, Benadryl for them.
Debbi (mom of 6 soon to be 7)