Friday, February 12, 2010

Way too long

I am a blogger slacker pants... again. Truth be told, I started a new blog but then ditched it. I wanted a secret place to be honest and open. Blogging is strange, I have had multiple encounters with strangers in public that know me only from blogging.
Big new, I am an Auntie. Allison and Tommy welcomed Izzy to the world 2-10-10. What a great birth date.
More big news to follow regarding our family. Stay tuned Bloggerville peeps. Its good, I promise.


Tarah said...

Great job posting! :)
Can't wait to "officially" hear something! :)

Tarah said...

I think that everyone should leave tons of comments so we encourage you to blog more!

astrid said...

I am a bad blogger too. Being not as eloquent as I want to be stops me from doing it. GOOD JOB on posting ANDREA!

Susan Fox said...

she is boo-tiful, why are you leaving everyone hanging?