Friday, April 23, 2010

dang cat!

Who know that a cat bite could cause sepsis within 24 hours? In 15 years of working with animals this has never happened to me. Yesterday, I was helping spay and neuter feral cats and on the 47th cat, I got nailed. I immediately started antibiotics and cleaned the area really well. Even though the area was swollen, I had no idea of what was about to become. Even after 3 doses of antibiotics at home I have landed myself in the hospital for the weekend. So far they have pumped 5 bags on antibiotics, many pain pills and injections into my stomach and I still feel like crapo. I cannot sleep because I keep turning in the light to see if the infection is going down as I want to get home so bad! There is so much going on the weekend. 2 birthday parties, a cool zoo event and best of all a whole weekend off of work. I was really looking forward to spending the weekend with my family and friends. Please pray for me as I struggle with this infection, so far it has taken over my body and it attacking some of my internal organs.
Nighty night bloggerville, I need to try and rest up.


astrid said...

Omgosh Andrea! I am praying you recover fast and fully. God Bless.

Susan Fox said...

OOOHHHHH Peaches!! I SO SORRY. luv ya

Carrie said...

Oh my word! Sending LOTS of prayers your way!