Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aspergers and such

Yesterday was Alex's 3 year check up. I have honestly been putting it off for awhile because I knew what we were going to hear and I knew how I was going to feel. It sucks, big time. So far he has an informal diagnosis of Aspergers. Ugh... I hate even typing it but I knew it was coming. This Thursday we start the real testing.
Today I am at a loss of what to even do or think. I dropped the kids off at daycare so I could have a day to clean and and research. Really, I just needed a day for myself because I wanted it. Also, I have some medical testing this afternoon and I just needed to stay focused.
What I really need is help from other parents who have and are going through this.


astrid said...

Andrea, I am sorry you are going through this. I do have an aquantence that has two children with Aspergers . If you would like I can try to contact her and giver a link to your blog.

BTW, LOVE your hair!

Susan Fox said...

Always remember a diagnosis doesn't make the child...he is your treasure and you have to forget any "diagnosis" and love and accept them for who they are-not always what they are. Call me.

Tarah said...

love you and am sorry you are going through all of this. hearing a diagnosis is harder than I ever thought!!! let me know if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Although I know it's not what you want for your own child(ren), as we all have our dreams and what we "think" our children will be like/grow up to be, etc., I have to say, you two are amazing parents, loving and accepting of everyone, and he was given to you because you can handle it. He will bloom into more than you could ever imagine. One of my MOST FAVORITE students EVER had Aspergers. He was an amazing person and had an amazing spirit and heart of gold. We certainly had to make adjustments for him at school, but he was in the regular classroom and the other kids "protected" him and he has an amazing life and amazing future ahead of him! I pray that you all find the strength to understand and accept such a difficult diagnosis, but in the end, you seem like you already knew in your heart, so just keep loving him and giving him amazing experiences to help him blossom into an amazing person! Love you cousin and thinking of you...

Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

Ok, so first off, Ella and ALex are only like a week apart! I didn't realize that, how cool!

Second, when I was teaching Spec Ed I had several kiddos with Apserger's. I am here to tell you that first and foremost the most important thing as a parent is to understand the diagnosis. Asperger's is a tricky one. It's a borderline diagnosis and what may work for one kiddo, may not work for another.

As for the agression, Kyler has some issues with this also. My husband and I talked about some different things we can do for Kyler and we decided the first step would be karate. It teaches the kids focus and respect. Plus they burn some energy. We figured it can't hurt him, might as well give it a shot!

The hardest part for me is comparing. Which isn't fair to either of my monkeys. They are totally different kids. Completely and totally different. And I love them each for that. And you do to.

Always here if you need to talk.

Jodie said...

Hey Andrea, hope all is well with the family. Sorry to hear about your little boy. Autism isn't easy. I have worked with kids on the spectrum as a personal care attendant for 10+ years now. Barriers are hard to break through at times, but they are incredible children and visual learners. I don't know if your state has anything like this because it varies state to state, but, you could qualify to be able to get ABA therapy and/or a Personal Care Attendant(PCA). PCA's are trained and come into your home and help out. Just like a nanny would. There are companies out there that provide the service that is run at state levels. To get on a service like that it usually requires what they call parental fees and what you pay is based on income. If you would like to know more just let me know. I can find out more info if needed from the mom of the family I work for. She has 3 kids on the autism spectrum ages 13yr, 8yr, and 6yrs old, so she knows about just about everything out there for children. Take care : )