Thursday, March 6, 2008


It’s that time of year again…
I love a good cookie and for me there is not much better than those tiny carbohydrate filled, preservative hiding, trans fat packed, bites of heaven. I can’t get enough of them!!
Scott came home a couple of nights with an entire bag filled with those pretty colored boxes of goodness. I tried to play it cool and remain calm as I dug through the bag as I was looking for the thin mints but I freaked. I ate SOO many cookies that night I got sick. I really have no self control when it comes to cookies. I am so bad that I had to have Scott hide the cookies from me because I knew that I would nibble on them all day.
Our garage door broke yesterday so when the guy came to fix it today I was digging through the garage looking for them. I am sure that the guy thought that I was nuts until he asked me what I was doing. Once I told him he actually helped me tear through the garage! Needless to say we couldn’t find them  I did however enjoy looking at the super cute garage door repair guy dig through my belongings. It was very Desperate Housewives. He was very attractive with his curly hair, I wonder if Scott did that on purpose, he knows how I feel about curly hair guys!!

On a sad note, Jackson has another ear infection. My poor little man. If these antibiotics don’t work the next step is tubes in his ears. The thought of him going through surgery breaks my heart!!

Alex is getting so big! I cannot believe that he is 2 months old already! The time is flying by and it is kind of making me sad that he is growing so fast. I know that this is the last time that we will have an infant so I am cherishing every moment. He is now smiling and trying to pull himself up on his arms. Pretty soon he will be rolling over! Big news!! He is sleeping for 5 hours in a row at night. Thank goodness. I need all of the energy that I can get these days.


Zandy said...

Too funny! I have five boxes of girl scout cookies in my pantry right now! Unfortunatly, Andrew was the one who picked out the cookies and my favorites are thin mints and shortbread. Did he get either of those? NOOOOOOO...needless to say, I haven't even touched them. Bummer! Ales is getting so big. I love the picture of him with the sour face. Soooo cute!


Lady Blognanimous said...

Super cute pics!

Tarah said...

I LOVE girl scout cookies, but haven't bought any this year. I am like you and eat them all at once. Best not to even have them. I will take my calories in the form of wine!! :)
I think the ear surgery is the best thing we have ever done for TT. She is now talking and she is so much better. She had a cold this week and it was a miracle that her ears stayed great. I love Dr BECK if you need and ent Dr.
Cute pics!!!!