Thursday, April 3, 2008

A week of sickness!

Hello all! Again it has been awhile since my last blog but there has been a lot going on!
Jack got his first much need haircut. He did pretty well and did not cry, just whinned a ton in true Jack style.
Alex started his physical therapy and he seems to be making leaps and bounds. I think that the little guy wants to be and strong like his big brother. When I took him into the doctor last week he was diagnosed with a case of RSV. When they weighed him he was 14 pounds!! He gained almost a pound in one week. I am neither a doctor nor do I play one on T.V. but it seems that if I grew that rapidly I may have some muscle delays too? Who knows…? What we do know is that he seems to be “all there” mentally and is doing better physically. Wahoo little guy! It you would only sleep more than 3 hours at a time at night!!
Jack attack is sick… again! His fever got as high as 102.6 yesterday and I couldn’t get it under control with Tylenol. When I took him in the doctor they suspected another ear infection may be brewing. When we weighed him fully clothed he was only 25 pounds! I wonder where he is on the grown charts. It can’t be high for height and weight! I need to say a BIG INTERNET THANKYOU to Margot!! She really is the voice of all reason and gives the best advice. Margot, we are so blessed to have you now as a part of our family. I have told Ashley a million times that we want to adopt you too! We really do have the best open adoption in the world! I know that many on you blog stalkers are in the process of adopting and if any of you would like to talk to us privately about our open adoption we would love it. We are huge fans and we love sharing our story with anyone who will listen!
Scott is doing precious as ever! I challenged him to jog with me and I had no idea what I was getting myself into! He’s a joggin freak! Every time he comes home from a run he updates his spread sheet on the computer. Only my guy can turn things nerdy! He gets up most mornings and works out before work and then jogs when he gets home. Really, he has taken it to the next level. When Scott does something he does it big. Ask Marianne about his world famous giant hamburgers!! The work outs are starting to pay off and he is getting tiny with big muscles. I could go on and on about how wonderful he looks but they could take up a whole other blog!
I had my little surgery and it went well. I opted for a local and that was a bad idea! I wanted to be strong and brave and able to drive myself home. If I had known what I was getting myself into I would have made other plans. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they got everything this time and I won’t have to go through this again. We know that the biopsy will come back with cancerous cells; we just hope that they are nowhere near the margins!!
That’s about all for now, nothing profound or funny! My humor goes down on tubes on little sleep…
I am off to get ready for family to come into town. Scott’s aunt and uncle are coming in a few hours and we always have a wonderful time (and I usually gain 10 pounds). I am sure that we will go on a fun adventure so I will take lots or pictures to share with you


Meredith said...

Good to hear from you..... I was beginning to get a bit worried since last time I heard from you it was about the procedure and to pray for you. We will continue to pray that the test results will come back good and NO more tests and procedures.

"I cry out to the Lord and he heals me"
Psalm 30:2

So tell me...... did you adopt both the boys? Would love to hear all about your journey and such.

Keep running! Sounds like you got a good motivator in your court.

Many blessing and prayers your way......

Megan said...

um... you had surgery and decided AGAINST the general anesthetic? i'm no doctor, but thumbs down to that. glad you made it through okay!

and SO glad to hear about mr. alex doing well. he'll be bench pressing other babies in no time.

where did jack jack have his hair cut? peanut needs one in the worst way, but i'm nervous...

what's the deal with you runners? trav runs too, just because he likes it. huh? no thanks. he's pretty nerdy about it too. :-) love our boys!

Lady Blognanimous said...

I'm confused, what's the physical therapy for? Did I miss something?

Tarah said...

I am so sorry you have had illness in your house! Physical therapy was amazing for Tezeta, but they had our little peanut walking at 9 months! So, stop before you have a tiny monster running every where before they know the word no. :)

You will have to update me on your out patient thing. I will be praying for you!

Hey, I have a bag of "suff" for you in my laundry room.