Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friends Forever!

How cute is this photo? Yesterday at the playdate we took the kiddos for a nature walk. I am not sure sure how, but we got them all to sit down for a photo! So stinking cute!!!


Meredith said...

That is a sweet picture! Who are all the kiddos? They are so little and just precious! You will have to share that photo with them many yrs down the road. :)

Chatter said...

I love this picture!! And I totally wish I were visiting you and Tarah. I finally got everything done and you can catch up with my latest plans. I'm pooped. Good night :)

zandyk said...

I am in love with every single one of these children. I am so thankful for all of our babies and can't wait to see how each of them grows and matures.


Angela said...

I can't believe we got them all lined up either!

It is so fun to see them playing and learning together.

I'm looking foward to many more play dates in the future!

Tarah said...

Hey Andrea,
We need to get Chandra and her boys to come visit! Lets do a huge camp out next summer.

The kids are fabulous. I am SOO glad we have play dates.

Anonymous said...

How awesome! I'm only sorry I had to leave early. Thank you for including my sweetie! I feel SO SO blessed to have this group and I will now try MUCH harder to come more often (even if it does cost me too much $$$ to get there!)you are all an awesome bunch of ladies. How blessed our kiddos are to have all of these friends!
Debbi B.