Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doctor help!!

Help please! For some time now Scott and I have not been happy with some of the issues that we have had with our pediatricians office. First of all the front office staff is awful! When you walk in they never look up and getting them to smile would be like winning the lottery. The nurses seem great, which is something that we love. The doctor is our main concern. She seems scatterbrained, at best. An example is that when she sent us to the hospital a couple weeks ago she did not call in orders for us and when we got there they did not know what to do with us. The nurses ordered lab work and a chest xray. The doctor never even gave us the results of these. Any sort of follow up seems like a major deal.
Now, I know that we are not the only patients that she has but she sees us often enough that she should remember who we are and the challenges that we are dealing with. She always makes me feel rushed and like I am asking too many questions. What I need help with is that I am in he process of meeting new doctors and I am not sure of the questions to ask. Also what are the things that you like about your child's doctors office? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you live in the ares who do you use?


Susan said...

I LOVE my pediatricians office. Everyone is friendly, we never feel rushed, they see us within a few minutes of our arrival, they don't have an answering service to answer after hour questions, they do it themselves because they know the kids.
I hope you find a pediatrician to meet your needs.

Paula said...

We had the same issues with our pediatricians office. We had to wait 1 hour EACH time we went and the waiting room was as small as a shoebox with sick kids on top of each other.I finally switched to a family practicioner and am so glad I did, I get right in now.

Krystyn said...

Good luck! It sounds like you need to find a better one, but I don't really have any suggestions.

Chatter said...

It took me forever to find a pediatrician that actually respected us for the decisions we have made for our children. I drive over an hour one way but it's totally worth it. We got right in the last time we were there and she was great with the kids. Good luck, it is a pain in the #*$.