Friday, September 18, 2009

Good morning and good life

I love it when I wake up before the boys/alarm/dogs. It gives me time to grab a cup of coffee and really reflect on my blessings and how great my life really is. Of course there are ups and downs but I really think that life is what you make of it. We go into the only Pediatric ENT this morning to schedule surgery for Alex's ears. I am praying that the only needs tubes and not tonsils removed like poor Jack did.
Off to now!! Hope that everyone has a wonderful day.
On a side note, what are your kiddos going to be for Halloween?


Angela said...

Praying for you~ You are truly an amazing example of strength and looking on the bright side of life. I am so blessed to be your friend! As for Halloween, E is going to be a fairy princess, and J is Wolverine. They are SO EXCITED!

astrid said...

I am hoping for the best today.
My prayers and thoughts are with you. Logan is going to be a VAMPIRE!

Susan Fox said...

Aren't kids fun-hey I'm waiting for a call back from that very office if you wouldn't mind dropping a reminder...I too love your positive nature.

Anonymous said...

Hey There! My girls are constantly asking me when they can see your boys again! They love them.
Debbi Busack

Tarah said...

you should blog more. you are so stinking funny
1) potty training
2) your thoughts on public nudity
3) what you make for dinner
4) what dogs eat their owners and then get adopted
5) how you feel about home made kombucha
6) your love of thanksgiving. ;)
7) why your scotty hotty and mine are both amazing and about how fun it is to share them....

ok. just an encouraging note to you!