Monday, May 10, 2010

No news is???

We are still waiting on the adoption agency to send up documents on Z. There are elections going on in Ethiopia near where she is so there is no internet, telephone or in some cases power in that area. For us that means that we are at a standstill and it is kind of a strange place to be in. There is NOTHING that we can do to speed up the process. All we can do it sit back relax (ha) and pray. The good thing about this wait, is that it gives us a chance to raise more much needed funds. The double travel to Ethiopia has added a huge expense to this trip. The good news is that we finished our homestudy!! Woot woot.
I had a wonderful mothers day and hope that you all did too!

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zandyk said...

Love you! Can't wait to meet your new daughter! It's hurry up and wait time! We are praying for you guys daily!