Monday, May 3, 2010

Off and running

We have jumped in with both feet and are on our way with our next adoption adventure. I cannot believe that this is really happening! Sometimes it is just so surreal. Are we really adding another child to our family? We have the official approval from both agencies and our home study (update) is scheduled for this Wednesday. Yikes!! I better get to cleaning!


Susan said...

Don't worry too much about how clean your house is. I've had three home studies done, and the case worker has never even inspected my home. All three times they just sat down with us in the living room and asked questions. It's very laid back, and they truly are on your side. :-)

Congratulations on your decision to adopt! You'll be traveling to Ethiopia in no time!

Traci Weldie said...

Thanks for finding me...I look forward to following your story!

Susan Fox said...

What a sweet pic-all will be well. Don't worry, like I said you're impossible to say no to.